Kecks in Paradise

Kecks in Paradise

Friday, February 28, 2014

Day 26: Bully for you

One of my brave and compassionate brothers is taking on a heavy project right now while he works toward his Eagle Scout Award. He is in the process of putting together a public service announcement for suicide prevention. I feel really proud of him for taking on such a meaningful project and for trying to spread hope to his high school. I have had so many experiences that have testified to me that every single person matters, regardless of how well liked they are or how wide their influence is spread. They matter because they matter, and their existence is important. And I am so happy that my bro is trying to help others recognize their self worth.

Apparently, the Church had the same kind of idea in mind this month, because their featured Mormon message for March is on bullying.

I was feeling a little fragile about watching this video; I wasn't sure I wanted to. This subject hits a little too close to home for my fam, and I wasn't sure if I had the emotional strength to take it on tonight. But Jason had seen it earlier today, so he described it gently for my tender ears. Then I watched cautiously while the message of hope and encouragement bubbled on through me.

I get scared of things like this--bullying and meanness. It makes me want to emotionally bubble wrap my siblings and children through high school. I just want people to be nice to each other.

I was reading some comments on this video, and a few folks mentioned the fact that bullying is just a "part of life" and encouraged us all to "deal with it."

But that's the thing, isn't it? This is how they are dealing with it. They are trying to show how one person can make a positive influence by being nice. I can think of a friend I had growing up who made it her life's mission to talk about how wonderful every person is. She was totally sincere, too. Even before you met a person, she'd vet you on all their virtues until you, too, were convinced of their awesomeness.

She is the most positive rumor spreader I know. 

And good on her, too. She changed the way I looked at people. I trusted her judgment on people, and she stamped a big thumbs up on everyone.

And lastly, I really don't think this has to be a part of life. There are all kinds of bad things that we have to deal with in life: sickness, death, traffic, bug bites, moldy bread. We don't have to add to that list by also being jerks to each other. We were not born to bully. We were made to have joy. And I truly believe that we have the choice and power to be kind, to say we are sorry, to include each other, and to celebrate our virtues.

So here is that video:

And have a great weekend!

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