Kecks in Paradise

Kecks in Paradise

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Day 10: Unexpected Joys

Howdy, night owls.

I was just about to write you a lengthy post, but then, this incredible, amazing tender mercy happened:

I found pictures of our dear, dear Josh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was hoping and hoping that I would have forgotten something like this. I went through all my iPhone pictures after he died hoping that he would at least be in the background of some pictures.

Josh did not feel too comfortable with a camera in his face. In fact, one of my favorite pictures of him is him "pretending" to sleep after I tried to snap a candid shot of him on the couch cuddling his niece, Claire. His sleeping face comes off more like, "I am uncomfortable. Please stop taking my picture."

I was so thankful to find one great picture of him on my phone. But that was it. Only one.

But then just earlier today as I was going through pictures for my nephew's birthday, I found a cute but really blurry photo of Josh and Erica that Joel took and thought, "Oh I should send that to Erica"

Then just RIGHT NOW when I was going to tell you all what an amazing boy Joel is (Happy Birthday, Joel!), I was going through old pictures and found a little Josh stash!!!!!!!

You can even see him in the background of some.

Are you crying?!?!?

We only got Josh for a little season, but he is our brother, you know? He's going to be on our welcoming committees when we pass to the other side. He's going to be married to our sister for eternity. So these little things, like seeing him in the background of pictures, mean a whole lot.

I have to do some emailing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


jean said...

Two blogs that I get to read in one day. What a treat :) I love seeing pictures of Josh. And, I love seeing pictures of my grandmother. That picture of my grandma is one that I have never seen before. Thanks Kimma for sharing with us.

Kimberly said...

Oh good! I am glad you are enjoying! I found that grandma picture on Family Search. She is so cute!