Kecks in Paradise

Kecks in Paradise

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Journey to the Paaaaaast!

My sister, Heather, has frequently urged me to bring this site up to date, and her encouragement at last got me weeding through files of pictures from the last year, bringing back so many pleasant memories. Here are some highlights: 

 In July, I captured my favorite picture from last summer. Ah! There is too much to love about it.

Later that month, Jason conquered beautiful Maryland .

  We roamed the stately halls of the National Cathedral by the end of the month.

In August, we rushed off to NYC. 

There I am in NYC! They totally get me here.

By the end of August, we had made the big move to Amman, Jordan.

We welcomed in September with a float in the Dead Sea. 

Here I am rambling around Jerash when it was still hot, hot, hot in Jordan.

In October, we clambered up beautiful waterfalls in Wadi Mujib. 

My caravan and I crossed the desert in Wadi Rum in November. 

Jason and his baby camel trotted along behind us. 

After a bittersweet goodbye to Amman and a quick trip to Israel, we headed back to Maryland at the end of December.

We partied for the rest of 2011.

After of course overcoming the jet lag.  

We bowled. Then, we made the cross country drive back to Utah. 

New Year's Eve brought my cute niece Kaitlynn over for a visit. 

 And we rang in the New Year in Christmas colors. 

In January, these fellows and their parents were so helpful in setting us up in our new apartment. 

Here's Kyle decorating. 

 Where is Kyle's cuteness in this picture you ask?

 Oh, he was being the cutest over here. 

 And the most lethal. 

 Well, the second most lethal. 
(Don't worry, that's a toy.) 

In February, we fondued. We fondid. And it was deloicious.   

In March, we reacted with glee at the news that we are having a baby girl! 

Whaaa? There's me at 20 weeks!  

Don't even get me started on April yet! I will have to cover that in my next post. In about a year from now.