Kecks in Paradise

Kecks in Paradise

Monday, February 10, 2014

Day 14: Exercise

Today, I tried to do a yoga DVD off Amazon Prime, because I try to keep myself somewhat healthy. I have been really tired lately. Sluggish zombie tired interspersed with jolts of joy or terror depending on what my daughter's up to. I think it is from lack of REM sleep for the last two years. REM sleep dies as soon as your unborn child finds the comfy bounciness of your bladder. I hear it resumes at some point in your life, but for me, it is still a dream away. A daydream I fantasize about it whilst in zombie mode.

For any health ailment, the Internet usually advises two essential cure-alls before diagnosing you with any number of maladies:

  1. Get some sleep  
  2. Exercise regularly
So while I am not quite up to speed on item one, I figure I have more control over item two, and do my best to pump irons and pound pavements. 

Natalie is my partner in crime in this arena. If I am down for push-ups, she is too. If I want to dance around to music my kitchen, she is right there with me, encouraging me to pump up the volume. She is an enthusiastic exercise buddy, typically.

Not with this yoga DVD.

I didn't notice it was for "relaxation" yoga. I saw the word beginners, and said, "Sweet. I am exhausted."

I couldn't get Natalie to climb on board.

Here is how today went:

So basically, I thought I was getting a simple yoga class, but instead I got a nap, a shower, some light reading, and a hug. 

And that's why we can count exercise as a good thing. 


jean said...

ha ha ha I laughed so hard. Not that I would enjoy you getting hit by a book or anything. But I could picture everything with those fantastic drawings. <3

Diana said...

Oh I am so glad I came to read tonight! :) I'm chuckling. Miss you.

Kimberly said...

Miss you! :-)