Kecks in Paradise

Kecks in Paradise

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Day 12: Dig In

Have you seen this? I'll give you a sum-up if you don't have time for clicking. It is a video of Elder D. Todd Christofferson explaining how just as our bodies need daily physical sustenance, our spirits need daily nourishment. He talks about how the children of Israel gathered manna in the wilderness everyday. They couldn't store it, it was only good for one day, so they had to diligently gather to gain sustenance. And as they did so, it helped them to remember the source of their blessings, to have faith in Him, and to thank Him for giving them life every single day.

Elder Christofferson goes on to explain the spiritual parallel in all of that. Hunger and thirst act as physical reminders to us to nourish our bodies, and the need for spiritual sustenance is also strong. The simple acts of praying, reading scriptures, and meditating can produce significant changes in a person's life, Elder Christofferson says. Ultimately, they can transform us.

Maybe it is because so much of my day centers around taking care of bellies, but I really like the parallel between physical nourishment and spiritual sustenance. I like that Christ called himself the "bread of life" and "living water." I like that when the resurrected Christ spoke with Peter on the shore of the Sea of Galiee, He asked him three times, "Lovest thou me?" and each time when Peter answered, "Yea, Lord, thou knowest that I love thee," He instructed him, "Feed my lambs. . . . Feed my sheep. . . . Feed my sheep."

Natalie's belly being nourished

I love when my soul feels full and nourished. I love that the scriptures ask us to feast: to gather manna, and a lot of it, every day. I love that they ask us to taste of the good word of God. And that it is delicious.

I like that they help me feel full. 


jean said...

oh what a cute chocolate milk smile. I think that if the scriptures were chocolate it would be harder to get people out of them. I need to read tonight and thanks to you Kimberly I will actually be doing it.

Kimberly said...

Pah. I don't believe you for a secong: you are the scripture reading champion of the family. But, thank you, anyway, and I want chocolate scriptures.