Kecks in Paradise

Kecks in Paradise

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

What I want, you've got

So it turns out Heather is the cutest bride in the world, as evidenced below:

A three week engagement makes for some stressful planning, but I think it makes the celebration day even sweeter. For one thing, we were privileged to witness the generosity of friends and neighbors. We had all kind of assumed that Heather would have to make some sacrifices in putting together a wedding so quickly, but we had countless offers of assistance, even with a bunch of other friends busy, busy, busy with the August wedding rush. It was pretty overwhelming the lengths people were willing to go to and the things that they were willing to undertake to support Heather and our family. For example, we got two independent offers from friends to construct a wedding dress for Heather despite (and because of) the time constraint; we had a friend throw a big, beautiful bridal shower for Heather; we had friends in the kitchen at the reception all day preparing tasty treats, including vegetables from another friend's garden; we had a friend pick up the cake the day of the wedding; we had people helping with flowers; flying out to take pictures; coming and dancing at the reception before making it out to the other wedding reception happening in our ward. It was a great, great day and a huge part of that, at least for us Harrison people, was because of the staggering amount of love and support we experienced. Thanks, everyone.

Also, I highly recommend giving a visit to Jordan and Heather's photographer's blog, because really, I wasn't joking about Heather being the cutest:

Post-wedding, I made it safely back to Utah after taking a tiny detour to Las Vegas due to bad weather in Salt Lake. Aside from a bit of airsickness, the flight was lovely and the airline gave us three snacks and two drinks because they felt so badly about landing us in the wrong city. No problem, Southwest; your mistake equals my Ginger Ale.

Just before walking to the grocery store today, I got this secret surprise from the best husband in the world, Jason:

which made my walk to and from Smith's like this:

except for I was carrying two reams of paper.