Kecks in Paradise

Kecks in Paradise

Monday, October 10, 2011

Royal Berry Punch, Anyone?

So I may have a tiny bit of a habit--if you can even call it a habit because it is not that habitual-- just a slight tendency of recommending some things that people may not enjoy. If I watch a really stupid movie, I don't know that you'll think it's stupid and I want your opinion on it. If I smell something disgusting, aren't you curious just how disgusting it is? If I have a really gross Starburst, I want you to taste it, too, because maybe you'll like it, or may be you won't and we can talk about how gross it is, especially in comparison to all their other delicious flavors. That being said, watch this music video because it is really . . . good.


The video was removed, so you missed your chance. I will find something else supremely mediocre to put on here.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Ten Thousand Spoons

This morning I woke up with Alanis Morrisette's "Ironic" buzzing in my head, which I thought was odd since Alanis and I have rarely crossed paths since she traded her long flowing locks in favor of the cropped mom look. We have been out here in Jordan now for just over two weeks and are settling into the swing of things slowly and surely. I love this beginning time when you come to a new place--things are just new enough to really take note of them making simple joys like showering into suddenly new and unfamiliar adventures. I flipped on the hot water switch and slept a few more minutes while I waited for the hot water heater to spring to action. Last night I was haunted by what I am sure is now the fattest mosquito in the world. Despite his inevitable corpulence, he eluded me all evening and I looked forward to soaking my swollen arms and legs this morning. But that was just a silly dream--while the cold water can shoot out quite powerfully from our hand held shower head, the warm water is another story. It trickles out like someone's faltering urine stream preventing you from ever feeling completely wet without using copious amounts of water--a risk we just can't take. As I lifted the shower to wash my hair, I noticed about a dozen different shower settings on its face. The small rivulet of water running down my arm could supposedly magically morph to spray, sprinkle, karate chop massage. Drying off with my spaghetti sauce stained skirt and equally dirty beach towel, music came again to my mind. Well played, Alanis. Well played.

Monday, July 4, 2011

A Whole Nother Anniversary Post?!

Firstly, I call to your attention the word "nother."

Now that I've got your attention, let's talk about our anniversary real quick. I was telling my friend, Becky Swim, that I know I have only had two of these so far, but they are quickly becoming my favorite days. Observe:

We headed to a pleasant park after church, picnic basket in tow.
We ate scrumptious sandwiches.
I had really cute toes, thanks to Melissa.
We got really good presents.
That cow provided really good laughs.
And made for adorable pictures.
Fun times abounded.
Dizziness ensued.
Rewards were harvested

Two times over.
Gratitude abounded.
Happiness flourished.
And my braid waited until the end of the day to come out.

I loved it, and I feel so grateful to be married to Jason. I feel like I won the lottery.

I wanted to update the blog with that little bit of news because even more news is coming to thrill and delight you:

My little niece is on her way! Any minute now our family will be bigger and better. Keep Mama Heather and little cuteness in your prayers.

And Happy Independence Day!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Happy Anniversary!

You may have noticed that I do not write on this blog very often. That's mostly because I don't really care about sharing my thoughts to the whole world and I don't have a strong desire for everyone to know everything about my life. Even now, I am not writing so that anyone else can see this but that Kimberly can read it. She is always asking me to blog to her and so that is what I am finally doing. So you are all free to participate but this is for Kimberly.

I remember when I was only a freshman in college and I was talking with my roommate about the girls we were currently dating. I was feeling so amazed that I could see myself someday marrying Kimberly Harrison. For a while after that time, I thought about how silly I must have sounded as an 18-year-old thinking he would marry his first real girlfriend. Well, it turned out to not be so silly because I did end up marrying that girl and it was the best decision I have ever made in my life.

It is almost five years after that conversation with my roommate and now Kimberly and I have been married for two years. I have to admit that it has been the best two years of my life and I wouldn't trade them for anything in the world. I loved my mission but these two years have been even better. I can't wait for the time when I am married and on a mission.

Kimberly is the best wife that anyone could ever ask for. For any of you who have read this blog before, you will have seen the ways that she likes to praise me. She likes to make me sound really good but we all know who really had to settle a little in this relationship. It is hard for me to describe how wonderful she is because I just think everything about her is perfect. You name a character trait and I think Kimberly is the best no matter what.

One of her best traits is that she loves me so much. I don't want to be one of those people who says that I love her just because she loves me, but she makes me so happy with the ways that she shows her love. She has a talent for letting me know that she is more in love with me every day. She knows that I love her too and I tell her often but I am usually not as creative as she is. She loves to get me presents and I have to struggle and complain until I write a blog post.

Kimberly takes care of me in all the best ways. Sometimes she thinks that I could just get along without her but that's not true. I need her in my life and she always knows how to make me feel better when I am feeling down. I'm sure she doesn't even realize the profound effect she has on my life and all the ways she makes me better.

Well, I don't want to run on forever about this because I could. I love Kimberly and I am so happy that she loves me. I get to see that picture of us whenever I turn on my computer and it makes me smile just to see it again. I don't know how I could get any luckier.

Happy Anniversary, Kimberly! I hope you know what you mean to me.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Almostcity Hotpants

Oh world. So much has happened, I don't even know how to update you. This last semester has been one of great hardships and great triumphs. I discovered buttermilk syrup and I had to bid farewell to my trusty industrial sized printer. I wrote more pages than I ever have had to (I think). I may have written the best paper of my college career. I learned the definition to troglodyte and used it correctly in a sentence. I worked with the best young women in the entire world for a brief and precious period of time. I graduated from BYU. I drove across the United States with the love of my life. I gained a deeper sense of appreciation for and hope from my ancestors. I developed the nickname Almostcity Hotpants. And now Jason and I are in Maryland for the summer cornholing and teasing out my humidified hair. There will be updates posted. There will be memories made.