Kecks in Paradise

Kecks in Paradise

Monday, February 24, 2014

Day 22: Schlaf It Up

Here's what happens when you are too tired:

1. You eat breakfast, then forget that you already ate breakfast, so you eat it again. Then you wonder why you feel too full and too sleepy, and you suddenly remember: that'll be the two breakfasts. Then you eat lunch.

2. You pour yourself a glass of water, which overflows. You don't notice this fact until you slosh your overfilled glass all over yourself.

3. You think you are in mourning because you feel so lousy, so you spend at least ten minutes of serious sorrow and misery until you realize that you are not sad, just extremely tired.

If all of those things resonate with you, then it is likely you are me. And you are too tired.

I had such a cool thing happen to me today. I have mentioned before and I am mentioning again right this second that I have not been getting enough sleep lately, which as you can imagine (and probably even relate to), is rough. It takes a toll on your bod, not to mention your short term memory. Did I tell you I poured water on myself today? I am too tired.

Such was not always the case. I have volumes of pictures in my Californian home of me sleeping in every possible sleep venue. It was something I took pride in. It was something my siblings took full advantage of. What's that you say? This is the most interesting movie of all time? Wel-hel-hel, we'll just see if it keeps me awa-zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. And she's gone. With her eyes open. Sitting up. Let's take a picture.

Which is how I ended up with about a thousand of these:

Believe it or not, that's me sleeping.

I obviously need to make some changes so I can function during the day, but I have been having trouble making a concrete plan of what to do with myself and my babe at night to maximize sleeping happiness. Maybe it's because we are all so tired, too, but the Internet can get a little touchy on this subject. There are some opinionated sleepers out there, and they will not pull any punches.

The thing is, I do not enjoy being punched. Sleeping with babies is not a fun subject to talk about with strangers, especially since parenting and nursing and napping all come into the mix, too. People want to feel confident about the choices they make as parents, so sometimes they can come off pushy or mean or judgey even when they don't mean to. And sometimes they even do mean to! In the words of my friends daughter, "Why, that's not kind!"

I really do believe that God cares about us and that the things that are important to us matter to Him, because He loves us (there is a great talk on this subject that you can read here). In the long run, I probably won't even remember missing a few days of sleep, but it would really help me in the day to day grind. So, I pray for guidance on this subject and hope to be aware of resources that can help me.

Then, just today in my hazy funk, I found these great videos with tips from mothers who have similar parenting styles as me. It was a simple thing, but I felt like it was an answer to my prayers. It confirmed to me not only that God is aware of me and my sleep probs, but that there are whole networks of people looking for ways to help and strengthen each other. Suddenly I felt a sense of connection and unity to these otherwise strangers. I felt grateful to them and grateful to God for linking me to things that would help me.

Guys, in a couple weeks, you are going to see me and I am going to look like this:

I can't wait. Hallelujah!

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