Kecks in Paradise

Kecks in Paradise

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Day 20: Noblesse Oblige

When my sister Heather and I were in elementary school, we had a mutual teacher with a cra-zowski laugh. It was the sound of a donkey bleating backwards: "haw haw haw," but sucked in instead of expelling the air out. Try it out now, da funk soul brother! Weird, right? 

We thought so, too, which is why we did it ALL the time, resulting in way too much giggling UNTIL we BECAME that moon-walkin' donkey.


It's true! We laughed like that as a joke so much that it eventually came our own weird laugh. And to this day sometimes one or both of us will gasp for air recovering from some hilarious tale, and I'll think, "Aw. We learned this in school together."

You think we would have learned our lesson and refrained from experimenting with unique laughter but it didn't stop there. We tested out the hard stuff from time to time (you know who you are, Crazy Laugh McChowsend), which has caused us to both develop irregular rhythms in our organic laughter that change based on how funny something is. 

This is how Heather mostly laughs, though: "tee hee HEE HEE HEE HEE!"

So basically, you know, one of the top sounds in my UNIVERSE! It brings me so much joy to hear that wild tinkling. 

Just about every day, we have this conversation:

Me: What should I write about today, Heath?
Heath: You should write about me, of course.
Me: I think I'll write about Sting.
Heath: tee hee HEE HEE HEE HEE.

I am not going to even go into how much I adore my big sissy, because we ha'nt the time, but I will say this, she is the beard to my unibrow. She brings an inexpressible amount of joy to my life and I hope and pray that Natalie can have a sister one day.

Love you, sis. 
Thanks for the example to follow. 
And the hand-me-downs.
I love the hand-me-downs.

Heather used to have a whopper of a crush on a boy from school, for the sake of the story, we'll call him Alan Bow-Nell. We were probably around 8 and 10 respectively, and while my dreams of marriage centered around one, Bill Pullman,

(Bill, you feathered-hair demi-god)

Heather had set her sights on someone a little closer to her own age. Alan lived just houses away from Heather's best bud, Shayna.

The pain of secret longing became too much to bear for my sis, so one day while we played over at Shayna's house, she decided to leave a secret love note at his house.

We scoured clip-art for an appropriate romantic image and typed a heart-felt, fairly strait-forward message:

We printed it out on Shayna's computer, which was running out of ink, so the colors were all off, but you know what they say, a rose by any other printer still looks like love. Then, we sneaked over to Alan's house, dropped the note, and ran like the dickens.

Alan's brother was buds with Shayna's, so it wasn't unusual for him to call a few minutes after while our hearts were still pounding from the thrill of the race for romance, but he cut to the chase pretty quick--

"Hey, did Shayna just stop by our house?"

And then, like a hero, Sean responded, "I don't know, but Heather's here." 

"Well, cause I know your printer's been being weird..."

 photo Shocked_zps4c1c52b8.gif

Heather's and my eyes locked. He knows!

Things didn't end up working out between Heather and Alan Bow-Nell, but it was all for the best. She later met the love of her life, and she is probably leaning over her laptop right now remembering our escapades fondly while whispering "tee hee hee."

I love you, sister-girl and see your "tee hee," with my own my own "ha h h h h h." Thanks for brightening my life and inspiring this post. You are every good thing.  

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