Kecks in Paradise

Kecks in Paradise

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Day 30: The Future

We did it! We completed our 30 days of good things!

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I have loved writing this blog. It has come with its share of cons, but mostly it has been pros on pros on pros. More than anything, in searching for the answer to the question, "What has helped to strengthen my faith today?" I have seen how a billion small, tiny miracles are everywhere, and they can go totally unnoticed if we are not paying attention. So I feel grateful that writing helped me to look a little harder and longer at many good, small, simple things in my life.

The thing is--small and simple things are small and simple and they don't come with much rap music or flash dancing. So sometimes I would hyperventilate a little wondering if what I had to say was interesting or important enough to immortalize on this blog. And then I would think this question, "If today were my last day on earth, what would I want to be doing?" and it would help me to write about the things that mattered most to me that day.

Really, even if you are not trying to write something everyday, those are good questions to chew on. The first unlocks a whole file of spiritual things that can get absolutely shouted over with the noise of the world, and the second reminds you of what your priorities are.

The most unanticipated blessing in the deluge of postings was the connection I felt with you. Thank you for being here and reading these posts. It was scary for me to start this all and you have so encouraged me.

Here's what you faithful few readers can anticipate for the future: I am going to keep writing on here, but only about once a week. So see you soon. I will continue to post to Facebook, even though it still makes me queasy, since that is how most of you get here.

And most of all I will try my darndest to keep a weather eye on those good things out there.

Thanks again.

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jean said...

Kimberly you rock on the internet. I look forward to you posts everyday. Although at work I have a harder time getting to them and then I just want the phones to be silent so I can just contemplate all the words you have written. I will be missing the every day posts but happy we can still chat if I can't get to one of your postings :) love you!