Kecks in Paradise

Kecks in Paradise

Monday, January 27, 2014

Day 4: Better My Heart

If we are going to talk about things that have filled my life with every good thing, we might as well get right to the big one here: 

I can't even tell you what having this little bear in my world has done to me. I have read other people write about people they love and thought, "Oh, man! They know! They've felt it! Thank goodness!"

Because, maaaaaaaaannn, I do NOT want to be the first one to try and talk about it. It is almost impossible to grasp the weight of it all in words, and sometimes when I try to give it a go, it comes out sounding a lot more gooey or kooky than what it is. It is the weirdest and best thing. It is like having your heart ripped in half while it simultaneously doubles in size.  

And then she goes off, that part of my heart, walking around and exploring the world in her squishy boots and bear suit. She doesn't even know how she is killing me and giving me a whole new life at the same time. She doesn't know how her existence alone has changed and bettered my life. Nothing has taught me more about the love God must have for me and for you than loving my little daughter.  


jean said...

ditto. only you say things so eloquently. I love you Kimberly. I love little baby bear too xoxoxo

Kimberly said...

xoxoxox to you!