Kecks in Paradise

Kecks in Paradise

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Day 2: Hope Bubbles

“When you feel that there is only a thin thread of hope, it is really not a thread but a massive connecting link, like a life preserver to strengthen and lift you. It will provide comfort so you can cease to fear. Strive to live worthily and place your trust in the Lord.”
—Richard G. Scott

In the past, I have thought about hope like big, shiny bubbles on the surface of the ocean, and pictured myself balancing on them one after another before they would pop.
“I hope it will be a nice day today. ” *pop* *jump!*
“Well, I hope Tracey will come over and visit anyway.”
I think that image mostly comes from how we speak of hope in our everyday language:
            “I hope you can come!”
            “We are hoping for the best.”
            “I hope I get a hula hoop for Christmas! Ahh!”

That kind of hoping is practice hoping. It is fragile and uncertain because you don’t really know deep down in your gullet whether or not the weather is going to be good or if Tracey can come over (Tracey come over! I miss you too much!).

When we read of hope in the scriptures, though, it is firm and sure. Ether and Hebrews both speak of hope as an “anchor for the soul.” Moroni teaches that that kind of hope comes through the Atonement of Jesus Christ: when we pray to Him or when we seek forgiveness from sins, our faith in Him grows, as does our hope that we can be “raised unto life eternal.” Hope is trusting that what God says is true and that in due time He will keep all His promises. It is not wavery bubbles, but Christ’s feet firmly planted in the sea as He stretches His hand to us.

Erica chose this song for Josh’s funeral and it makes me feel so hopeful. Not bubble hope, sure hope that Christ conquered death and we can be reunited with the people we love best someday. I feel that is true. Deep down through my gullet.


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Carl and Tracey said...

I miss you too!!! I posted a comment in your last post, but I think the cyber world gobbled it up... I love your thoughts and insights!!

Kimberly said...

Thanks, Mama.

Traceyyyyy! I am glad you didn't let the cyber world deter you from attempting another post. This one worked and I love you, too, and all your insights as well!! Your blog has been the bomb.