Kecks in Paradise

Kecks in Paradise

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Nine Months

Jason and I have been married for nine months. We are a newborn baby of love, true. Getting our wedding pictures together has not been an easy process and I kind of wanted to present it to you with bells and whistles and banners flying. Or at least have the photos in order. I decided, though, that you are probably on pins and needles by this point just aching to see these bad boys. I know how rough it must have been for you all waiting for this moment and I just wanted to take you out of your misery and publish the whole lot before you. I expect in the future to do some more arranging and whatnot with them all, but I figure if your reading this little website, there is probably a great shot of you in here, so here you go:

The first half of the photos were taken by Jana Beck and the second half by Simon Williams and Kimberlee Sirstins. If you find you need your picture taken, I can pass their information along lickedy-split.


Jason said...

Why has no one commented on here about how beautiful my wife is? I just don't understand.

Tracy said...

Because we all commented in our heads or in private conversations to each other instead.

Or on facebook duh.