Kecks in Paradise

Kecks in Paradise

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Le Premier Chagrin

You are probably wondering about the title of our blog. If so, I might ask you if you could think of anything better. Well we tried to think of better titles. Some of our other choices were:

  • Spinegora
  • Ubiquitous Compilations
  • Envelope Expel Imbue
  • Queen Victoria = Alfred Hitchcock
  • Undulate Osculate (racy)
  • Taciturn Recalcitrant
  • Oligarchy -> Vile Form of Governance
  • Interpolate As You Propagate
  • How Do You Feel About Lanyard?

We decided on Reliquary Chutzpah for obvious reasons.


Tracy said...


you are so on my google reader

also it is making me type "ovectuuf" before I can submit my comment. ovectuuf is not a word.

Erica said...

I don't know. I might have been much more interested if you had gone with How Do You Feel About Lanyard.

And hareingl isn't a word either.